Stylish long term stays

Amsterdam Furnished Apartments is a company that has stylish long term stay apartments in Amsterdam. We provide fully equipped apartments with one or more bedrooms with either a balcony or a garden. We work together to make the apartments a place where we would like to stay ourselves.

Our goal is is to make the apartments
a home away from home

We think about what we would like or need when we are abroad for vacation or away for a longer time on business. We like to provide our guests with something extra, like fresh fruits and flowers, so people will feel right at home when they enter the apartment. We also provide information on where the guests can go to eat and drink in the area based upon our own favorite places.

All of the apartments have a name that reflects their qualities and are all an alliteration. We started with Picture Perfect Apartment but then also gave other names to the apartments we already styled. Our guests can choose the following apartments:

The neighborhood called “De Pijp”

This location is within walking distance to the Museum square and Amsterdam City Center. The neighborhood has lost of bars, restaurants, shops and the famous Dutch street market called Albert Cuypmarket.

Brechtje & Tobias

We are a couple and we have started our business recently. Tobias is a photographer and Brechtje does the styling. When we work together we are a good team because Tobias thinks more about practical uses and Brechtje focuses more on the overall style and use of colors. It started when we moved in together. We discovered that we were a perfect match in ideas about styling. We got compliments about the styling of our home and decided to get started with two newly renovated apartments. At first we wanted to rent the apartments out to expats for longer term, but decided to try short stay for a certain period with one apartment . Because this apartment was fully booked we rented out the other apartment for short stay as well. We got great reviews about our apartments and realized we were on to something good. We also really enjoyed the fact that people were having a nice time in Amsterdam.

Style & inspiration

All the apartments have a slightly different style, some are more modern and some are more classic. We always use brand new products combined with vintage or even found objects or art. Our inspiration comes from Pinterest, Google image search, books, other boutiques or apartments and Ebay or The ideas starts rough with a board for inspiration, we make planning boards and think about the usability of the apartment. Pinterest is used to combine al the images and ideas, also software like powerpoint are a fast way of making mood boards. We also make snapshots of products we see online and in the stores to inspire us later.

We combine things, and if it doesn’t work we change it for something better till we think it’s perfect. Sometimes we spent weeks to find that special chair that complements the whole apartment. Most of the time we agree on the style, and if we don’t we change it till we do. Our furniture is found online, in stores, through images search or styling magazines. The idea is to make it a tasteful and comfortable apartment to live in.

We always try to find the right balance between usability and beautiful styled furniture and products. Something that looks beautiful is not always a good choice for long term use.